7 Most Important Tips To Booking the Perfect Wedding Transportation

Let’s face it, calling your wedding a ‘big day’ is selling yourself short. With all of the planning, scrapping, and replanning that goes into weddings, you might as well call it a ‘massive year.’ While dreaming of and drawing up your perfect wedding, plenty of key experience factors can get lost in the shuffle — transportation being one of them. The last thing you want to do is look back and wish you hadn’t ignored this part of the planning. When it comes to weddings, there are no do-overs. Kind of.

Good News: A recipe on how to book the perfect transportation for your wedding has arrived. Let’s jump right in.

1. Who exactly needs transportation?

Weddings come in all different shapes and sizes. One can be on the beach with a guest list stretching from the water to the street. Another can be tucked away in the woods, held in between a group of trees with only a few people. Figuring out who needs to be where is the first step.

Here are some little questions you can ask yourself and big answers to help.

Do you want to provide transportation for your guests? Do you have to?

Sometimes you don’t get to decide! If the venue is far away from the hotel your guests are staying, or if parking is an issue, providing group transportation before and after the wedding is a nice gesture. Imagine 100 Ubers rolling up to the church or venue. Not really the best or a cost-effective way to kick off your wedding.

Who should you provide wheels for?


It boils down to the experience you want to provide. Scheduling transportation for your guests will only let them enjoy your wedding even more…

Bride and Groom

Having a vehicle you and your significant other can escape in once the wedding is over is always a good idea. They don’t call it a getaway car for nothing!

Wedding Party



After all the time they took care of you, returning the favor with a private SUV could be a nice move.


Not saying this is normal, but hiring a private wedding limo for the priest or officiant to pull up in could be the ultimate flex. That one is on you though.

2. Choosing the right vehicles.

Every trip calls for a different type of vehicle. Here are the pros and cons of each vehicle along with some suggestions on the best way to use them.

Party bus

Great for the wedding party and groups that refuse to call it a night.


  • Spacious, wrap-around seating so everyone can engage with each other.
  • Adult beverages are welcome!
  • You can bump Bruno Mars soundtracks to the max.
  • Plenty of space for long dresses and garment covers.


  • Not ideal for long trips.
  • If guests don’t know each other they may feel uncomfortable.

Wedding Limos

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen arriving separately? Here you go.


  • Luxurious vibe.
  • Usually can fit all of your bridesmaids or groomsmen.
  • You can toast some champagne while on the road.


  • No standing room.
  • Fits up to 9–12 passengers so not the best for large parties.
  • Wedding limo service is a little outdated

Luxury Sedan

Perfect for the parents of the bride and groom as well as a cost-effective option for a getaway car. Car wedding transportation definitely provides more intimacy for the soon to be married couple.


  • Best bang for your buck if you only have a few people who need transportation.


  • No drinking allowed.
  • Limited trunk space.

Classic Car

Dreaming of a fairytale ending to the best night of your life? This is it.


  • Luxurious vibe.
  • Probably what you dreamed of when you were little.
  • Makes a great photo op.


  • Usually the most expensive option for a small group.
  • It’s a vintage vehicle and older things are more likely to break down.

Charter bus & Wedding Shuttle Service

The most economic and effective way to get guests from their hotel to the wedding venue. A wedding bus rental is very common for big weddings.


  • You can transport large amounts of people in fewer trips.
  • Very comfortable and gets the job done.


  • Some venues and roads will restrict large vehicles.
  • Can be seen as less exclusive to rent a wedding bus

3. The difference between and Hourly, Roundtrip, and One-Way

What is an Hourly Trip?

The vehicle stays with you the entire time and can be utilized whenever you need it. Belongings can be left on the vehicle.

What is a Roundtrip?

Used as two one-way trips. Belongings can’t be left on the vehicle. The driver is off duty in-between trips and vehicles can’t be utilized.

What is a One-Way?

Just one pick-up and then drop-off with no stops in between. Avoid mentioning minimums

4. Scheduling it properly

Make sure all guests will arrive prior to the ceremony. If shuttling isn’t planned correctly, guests can delay the ceremony. Make sure guests have the option to leave the wedding earlier and later. From experience, elderly people want to leave a little earlier. So it makes sense to have a few shuttles ready earlier in the night. Depending on how far away the wedding venue is from guest hotels you may choose 1 vehicle to shuttle guests in time slots or multiple vehicles all at once.

5. On-site and logistic coordinators

Having a dedicated representatives on-site that can help coordinate the drivers in a timely fashion. Have a specialist who can schedule the most efficient logistics prior to the wedding. Especially for bigger weddings, you should ask for wedding coordinators, they have saved many Swoop weddings.

6. Parking/valet service

If you do have many guests coming with their own cars, it is helpful to hire a valet service company to avoid unnecessary complications. You don’t want your guests to be in a bad mood when they arrive, because they were trying to figure out parking.

7. Last Point. Make sure you book with an experienced wedding transportation service

Before booking a transportation company make sure that they have worked with weddings before and check their Wedding Wire and The Knot reviews. Companies that understand how important your special day is to you and have done great jobs in the past are the ones you want to hire. Looking for transportation for a wedding? At Swoop we have been specializing in Wedding transportation for over 4 years and have won many awards and amazing reviews. We focus on providing amazing wedding transportation without breaking your bank.

If you are currently planning your wedding, feel free to reach out to us and we would love to help you! https://swoopapp.com/wedding

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