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Why Choose Swoop for Employee Transportation?

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Any Size, Any Time, Anywhere

We understand that every business is different – so with our employee transportation service, you can order one or two vehicles or a whole fleet. We guarantee punctuality, traceability, timeliness, and cool tunes if that’s your thing. Because when it comes to getting your team where they need to be, we're not just on time – we're on your vibe!

Dedicated travel team

Dedicated travel team

Taking it all off your hands to coordinate your journeys in the most common sense way possible

Traceable journeys

Traceable journeys

Manage trips, cancel, or change details, monitor vehicles, and enjoy feeling in control

Choice of clean and comfortable vehicles

Choice of clean and comfortable vehicles

Your team can sit back and relax or start work early in one of our many sparkling vehicles

Full Service Partner

Full Service Partner

We offer cost-effective transportation solutions for groups of any size, tailoring our services to accommodate your special requests.

Reliability Guarantee

Reliability Guarantee

Swoop exclusively works with trusted transportation operators to ensure vehicles show up on time with 5-star drivers.

#1 User Friendly Service

#1 User Friendly Service

At Swoop, we take pride in leading the industry with outstanding customer experience. Whether it is choosing you shuttle or customizing your personal information, we make sure that each ride is perfectly tailored to each rider.

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Employee transportation service for business

We understand that every business is different – so with our employee transportation services, you can order one small car or a whole fleet of vehicles. We can’t guarantee a synchronized driving display on arrival, but we can guarantee punctuality, traceability, timeliness, and cool tunes if that’s your thing.

"We've been working with Swoop for the last year and I currently manage the program for Illumina. We have daily employee shuttles from Bart Station/Caltrains as well as intercampus shuttles from multiple buildings. I would recommend them to any company that is looking for a scalable ground transportation program. Their customer service is unmatched, they are extremely flexible when we have last-minute needs, and they only use quality and efficient vehicles for all our routes."

Tania S.

from Illumina, Inc.

Employee transportation service for business

What are the benefits of using an Employee Shuttle Service?

😃Employee productivity and satisfaction

A shuttle service reduces commute stress, leading to more relaxed, productive employees who start their day refreshed.

🌿Sustainability and environmental 

Fewer cars on the road mean lower carbon emissions, aligning with sustainability goals and reducing ecological footprints.

🤝Corporate social responsibility

Offering a shuttle service shows commitment to employee well-being and environmental stewardship, enhancing company image.

🧑‍🦽Accessibility and inclusivity

Shuttle services make workplaces more accessible to those without private transport, promoting a diverse workforce.

🚗Traffic congestion and emission reduction

Employee shuttles ease traffic congestion and lower vehicle emissions, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

💸Cost savings for you 

A shuttle service can reduce the need for extensive parking facilities and may offer tax incentives related to sustainable practices.

💲Cost savings for your team

Employees save on gas, maintenance, and parking, increasing financial relief and job satisfaction.

🤝 Support local business

Swoop's partnership with local shuttle providers boosts the local economy and strengthens community connections, enhancing service reliability and community engagement.

Sprinter Van outside of corporate building

How much does it cost?

We will listen to your requirements and take into account your budget, then come up with an employee transport package – or a one-off journey plan – that matches exactly
what you need. 

Don’t be shy and get in touch. We will find the best employee transport solution for you!

employee shuttle service

An Employee Shuttle Service You Can Rely on

There is a lot to think about when it comes to arranging transportation services for your business – but we have everything wrapped up

  • Safety and accessibility – safe, comfortable, and user-friendly vehicles that everyone can access 
  • Route planning and scheduling – plus technology that both users and the administrative team can access anytime, and trained, screened, and professional drivers
  • Communication and internal promotion – we can see to it that as many of your team sign up for your transport scheme as possible for maximum ridership
  • Performance monitoring and evaluation – everyone can see how things are going and you can tweak anything you would like to change 
  • Enhancing Your Business’ Sustainability– all of our vehicles are carbon-neutral, helping your business reduce your carbon footprint one ride at a time

More Convenient and Cheaper Than Public Transport

As many employees who live in cities will know, using public transport is often a frustrating and costly experience – it can be unreliable and expensive – and, with vehicles that were made at a time when emissions were less of a concern, they can even be bad for our health. 

Workforce shuttle services provide your staff with a convenient, dependable, and affordable alternative to public transportation.

With options that include direct service to the workplace with multiple drop-off and pick-up points, there is no need for anyone to use transfers or spend extra time and money getting to work. 

Providing travel for your team can also be good for your business.

Drill Down to the Detail

Whether you have a couple of people in your team or a thousand employees, an employee shuttle service can make all the difference to your working day. We will tailor all your logistics to you – we have a whole range of vehicles from executive SUVs, transit vans, sprinter vans, mini-coaches, and motor coaches.

A Whole Host of Staff Transportation Options

With Swoop, your team will have a relaxing and productive journey thanks to our amenities like secure WiFi and USB charging ports as standard. We can also offer you vehicles with reclining seats, air conditioning, and PA systems.

Supporting You with a Staff Bus Service

To keep things straightforward and consistent, when you book with Swoop, you will receive a dedicated corporate employee transportation account manager and 24/7 support. Not only do they organize everything for you in the beginning, but they will regularly check ongoing performance through our data collection feature, then suggest new improvements.

And that’s not all. We can even help you come up with an effective launch plan to maximize engagement.

Workplace Shuttle Management for Your Existing Service

We understand that you may already have the means to provide your own employee bus transportation service and all you need is some nifty software to help you oversee and manage it. Great! 

Our Moovs app will do just the job, allowing you to handle your employees’ journeys with ease, and face challenges head-on such as cost, efficiency, and logistics.

The Moovs app will be your travel partner, helping you to ensure your office employee transportation runs smoothly for your teams, is cost-effective, and meets your corporate sustainability goals.

Buses outside of office for employee shuttling

So, What Are The Staff Shuttle Service Options?

Home to Work

The most simple and effective choice – this service will pick up your commuters near their home and take them to work and back.  

Last Mile

With this service, you can connect your business with a local transit hub and then seamlessly transfer your team to work via their chosen method of public transport.


If your campus is spread out and has several buildings or parking lots, you can arrange regular shuttles between sites. This allows for seamless transitions between meetings and other workplace events. 

Park & Ride

Organize easy collections from pre-arranged parking locations so that your employees can make it to work on time and cool as a cucumber. 

Carpooling feature 

If you have employees who live close to one another, one of our staff transportation services is a carpooling feature that allows them to share rides. This significantly lowers the number of cars on the road and reduces traffic congestion.

It’s a Win-Win for Your Business

Whether you want to talk to us about employee bus solutions management for your existing fleet, or require a reliable shuttle service for empoyees that gets your team to work feeling less hassled and more productive, we’re here for you!

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