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Dive into the world of group transportation, highlighting exceptional customer service, diverse vehicle options, and practical tips for a smoother journey.


An overview of our Group Transportation Solutions

Transport solutions play a crucial role in daily life, offering necessary travel options for various needs and guaranteeing a comfortable experience for all passengers.

Our group transportation service provides tailored solutions for the needs of large groups, including various types of transport. These services cater to a variety of requirements regarding group travel and support


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Religious Groups

Corporate Events

School Trips


Sporting Teams

Private Events

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Production Crews


Custom Solutions Available

Looking for more customized transportation solutions and want to chat with an expert? 

Custom Solutions Available

Looking for more customized transportation solutions and want to chat with an expert? Contact us today.

Meet Our Diverse Vehicles

Swoop has an array of vehicles that range from luxurious sedans to spacious shuttle buses and sleek charter buses.

No two events are the same, as are no two groups of people.

Swoop’s impressive fleet allows you to travel comfortably with ample storage space and technological amenities where you need them the most. Choose from vehicles like:

Luxury sedans

Luxury vans




Coach buses

Other ways Swoop will get you ahead of the game

Swoop has an array of vehicles that range from luxurious sedans to spacious shuttle buses and sleek charter buses.

With features such as storage space, reclining seats, Wi-Fi access, and onboard bathrooms available in the service's shuttles, passengers can comfortably enjoy their trip without worrying about when the next comfort stop will be. 

Representatives are available 24/7 to assist with the planning process

Our cars come to any pick-up point or destination, including airports, hotels, resorts, theme parks, and more

We cater to any type of special event, from weddings to school trips, sports games, or conferences

The Gold Standard of Group Transportation

We prioritize exceptional customer service, providing you and all your passengers with the most suitable vehicles and comfortable experiences for your group outings.

Your dedicated travel coordinator will take care of any concerns, changes, or cancellations in a timely and friendly manner – and they’ll help you to become the captain of your own destiny too, giving you guidance on how to navigate through bookings in our unique Swoop app.

And it is not just at the start of the process that you get amazing customer service. Our thoroughly vetted and established, professional drivers also guarantee customer satisfaction in each ride. 

Shouldn’t I Arrange Group Transportation Myself?

So, you’ve been tasked with arranging group transportation for a series of work events or a year’s worth of community outings.

You could organize everything yourse And the former option might sound appealing – why go through a third party when you can just do it yourself? lf or you could book through a private transportation provider. And the former option might sound appealing – why go through a third party when you can just do it yourself?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of each method.


Peace of mind

Private transportation companies ensure reliability, safety, and professionalism, giving you peace of mind throughout your journey

Experienced drivers

Skilled and trained drivers with local knowledge ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience

Flexible options

Private providers offer a wide range of vehicle options to accommodate your group size and specific needs, from cars to buses and coaches


Tailored itineraries and services allow you to plan your trip according to your preferences and needs, such as requiring various pickup points 

Budget management

Clear pricing and payment structures make it easier to manage your finances and avoid unexpected expenses


Potentially higher cost

Private transportation services may be more expensive compared to a do-it-yourself approach, so for a bespoke service, it is important the company has dedicated transport co-ordinators and an app that gives you full transparency

Less direct control

You might have to rely on the company's schedules and policies rather than managing everything independently

Limited spontaneity

There could be less room for last-minute changes or adjustments during the trip, so it’s key to choose a company that allows for life’s little changes

Booking through a Private Transportation Provider


Cost savings

Self-booking can sometimes lead to lower costs, especially for small groups or simple, one-off travel arrangements

Full control

You have complete control over the planning, scheduling, and logistics



Dealing with various service providers can lead to unpredictability, from vehicle quality to driver competence

Administrative burden

Organizing your own group transportation can be time-consuming and may require significant effort and stress

Safety concerns

Ensuring the safety and reliability of self-booked transportation can be challenging, not to mention accessibility

Booking Your Own Group Transportation

In Short

While self-booking has its advantages in terms of cost control and independence, high-quality private transportation providers like Swoop offer a more comprehensive and hassle-free solution with experienced drivers, flexible options, and peace of mind.

You’ve Got the Power

Life can be… a lot. And if you’re organizing an event, things can feel almost impossible.

According to a recent study, event coordinators have been listed in the last decade’s top 10 most stressful jobs, having a ‘stress score’ of 51.19% (the next most stressful job being a police officer).

So, when you have a trip to arrange, you need super-efficient transportation to take your group to wherever they need to be – and to take away your stress.

Whether you're arranging a business meeting, a family outing, or a social event, you need a service that is cost-effective, flexible, and always reliable. Swoop’s centralized app and technology-based services are a true life-changer because they allow you to feel cool, calm, and completely in control of every trip.

GPS Integration

At the core of what we like to call the ‘Swoop Revolution’ is GPS technology, which is seamlessly integrated into our central app.

The GPS function provides you with real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles within the fleet, offering precise insights into your transport's location and ETA.

This not only enhances safety and security but also helps you plan your schedules more efficiently.

Gone are the days of waiting anxiously on a street corner; with GPS, you and your group can track the vehicle's progress and be ready when it arrives.

Financial Management

Our central apps and technology-based services also let you excel in your financial management.

They streamline your process of handling invoices and payments, ending the need for cumbersome cash transactions and paper-based billing systems, and let you say, ‘bon voyage’ to surprise bills at the end of a journey.

For complete transparency, you can easily view and manage your payment history, and not only that, but you can also take full advantage of a variety of payment options. Convenience and peace of mind – what’s not to love?

Minimize Costs

and Charm Your Accounting Department One of the best advantages of using Swoop’s central app for group transportation is your ability to tailor journeys to keep costs down.

This flexibility is invaluable for both small-scale businesses and larger corporate clients.

You can select from a range of options, including vehicle type, number of passengers, and routes – and this way, you can also be a solo negotiator of your own exclusive agreements and discounts to reduce costs further.

This personalized approach ensures that you pay only for the services you need, minimizing unnecessary expenses and making you very popular with your accounting department.

Customized Journeys

Yes, you could go it alone and book your private vehicle rental on an ad hoc basis, but central apps and technology-based services go a step further by allowing you to create entirely customized journeys.

Need to make multiple stops to pick up passengers? No problem. Want to plan a route that avoids traffic and minimizes travel time? You can do that too.

Our platform empowers you to design your transportation experience to suit your specific needs, providing a level of convenience that was previously unimaginable.

Corporate Insights

For corporate clients, central apps offer an invaluable tool for managing group transportation efficiently. They provide detailed insights into the uptake of journeys, enabling organizations to optimize their transportation strategies.

These insights can be used to identify peak usage times, preferred routes, and other trends, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions to reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.

Technology that Puts You Directly in Touch with Drivers

Through our remarkable technology, organizations can plan and execute their journeys with ease. But let’s not forget the drivers too.

Our drivers all have access to the central Swoop app from their own vehicles – and the app has been designed to fit in with their already established, local businesses from where they can provide you with the best service possible.

You can track and communicate with your driver at any time, and by using Swoop, you are supporting these hardworking and reliable entrepreneurs as well as the local economy.

Navigating a Comprehensive Service

Group transportation services are integral for events, outings, and other occasions to make sure everyone has a safe yet enjoyable journey.

By using Swoop’s services, you will be equipped to find a vehicle or fleet of vehicles that best suits your specific requirements as well as budget range.

When exploring group transportation, prioritize exceptional customer care and a diverse vehicle fleet to ensure pleasant travel experiences for all group excursions or gatherings.

Swoop knows we have everything you need – and much more.

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