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We’re different from your average transportation provider, and working with us is more than just a quick transaction. Our dedicated team is ready to tailor our services exactly to your transportation needs.

Vehicles that feel good

Vehicles that feel good

Enjoy slick, professional journeys with our thoroughly checked and insured vehicles, with journeys you can follow thanks to GPS technology, as well as screened, qualified, and experienced drivers

Sustainability is not just a buzz word

Sustainability is not just a buzz word

We make use of existing vehicles instead of adding extra cars to the road, and we offset our carbon through funding projects that tackle deforestation and allow for sustainable jobs

It’s a global world

It’s a global world

If you are one of the many companies who travel overseas, we will source your transport wherever you are. For consistency and peace of mind, we have a network of screened drivers all over the world

Your budget won’t hold you back

Your budget won’t hold you back

It’s kinda common sense, but we believe you should only pay for what you need. Amend your requests and tailor your costs no matter what your company’s budget

Easy to approve and pay

Easy to approve and pay

We don’t believe in making things complicated. Access all your information to review and approve, then pay with confidence

Become a local business advocate

Become a local business advocate

Our carefully selected and vetted collection of drivers is always based in your chosen area – so we can all help to support local businesses together

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About Swoop

Choose from hundreds of vehicles, dozens of styles, and seemingly endless choices when it comes to amenities. Travel around in top-of-the-line style!

About Swoop

Corporate shuttle service with Swoop

So, you love your team of employees and want them to be happy (same here) – but are you struggling to think of a new way to give them new work perks, or perhaps some colleagues are wrestling with a super-tricky commute? 

Well, now you can streamline the way your team gets to work, whether they are full-time or hybrid employees, by offering them comfortable, reliable, and 100% carbon-neutral transport that is super easy to book and track. 

With our corporate shuttle service, you can retain awesome talent and save everyone time and money getting to work – that way, the whole workforce is happy and every working day starts and ends stress-free.

group of employees taking corporate shuttle to work

Why choose Swoop for your corporate shuttle service?

An employee shuttle service can do more for your company than get your best people to work on time. 

Our team and industry-leading technology will help you choose the best corporate shuttle service for the job, as well as provide the data you need to quickly modify coverage and ridership – this will not only make more sense for the journeys themselves but it’ll save you time and money too. 

Corporate shuttling solves costly parking issues on your site that are tricky to manage and maintain, reducing the number of cars on the ground and limiting the infrastructure that heavy traffic requires. Not only that, but our top-of-the-line, fully insured, and well-informed drivers will be able to dodge traffic, roadwork, and other snags that hold up the commute. 

Your team will arrive on time, happier than if they’d been stuck in stressful traffic, and ready to work. 

We’ve seen employers save up to 50% on their commute solutions by using Swoop employee shuttle programs.

Which Swoop corporate shuttle service should I choose?

  • Home to Work: Simple is as simple does – choose this service to pick up riders near their home or on their doorstep to take them to work and back.  
  • Last Mile: Connect your office to a nearby transit hub to seamlessly transfer your employees from their method of public transport.
  • Intra-Campus: Connect several buildings and parking lots on your campus with regular shuttles – they’re quick and comfortable, and this way the riders can arrive at their next meeting cool as a cucumber. 
  • Park & Ride: Arrange pick-up for riders at predefined parking locations and shuttle them to work, the most flexible option for your employees.

How much does a corporate shuttle program cost?

The cost of your corporate shuttle program depends on certain variables, such as where your passengers are traveling, how long you need the shuttle to run for, and how many vehicles you need. Contact to request a FREE, customized quote.

Female employee walking to commuter shuttle

How do I set up my corporate ground transportation?

We can move as fast as you can (not to brag, or anything). We can help you design the project in a consulting phase by using our software and expertise to identify the options you can choose from with a bus program. 

It doesn’t stop there though – we can even help you develop communication to prepare a tailored launch plan to maximize engagement. 

When you have set up your service, you will receive a customized software solution to help

employees get their passes, track their vehicles, and get in touch with our 24/7 customer support via our app. 

Swoop constantly optimizes and improves – thanks to our data collection feature, your dedicated transportation expert will review the performances weekly and proactively suggest new improvements.

Is Swoop carbon neutral?

Certainly, and you can read more about that here: Swoop Rides are now 100% Carbon Neutral

What type of amenities do Swoop vehicles offer?

Your employees will have a much more productive journey thanks to secure WiFi and USB charging ports as standard. 

Other amenities include reclining seats, air conditioning, and PA systems, all available upon request.

You will receive a dedicated account manager and 24/7 support – because we know you have your own job to do. 

How many vehicles can I reserve for the corporate shuttle service?  

Ask us for whatever you need. We offer a wide range of vehicles from executive SUVs, minivans, sprinter vans, mini-coaches, and motor coaches. 

Whether it’s a small group or thousands of employees we can tailor the logistics and vehicles based on your needs.

How many vehicles can I reserve for the corporate shuttle service?

Ask us for whatever you need. We offer a wide range of vehicles from executive SUVs, minivans, sprinter vans, mini-coaches, and motor coaches. 

Whether it’s a small group or thousands of employees we can tailor the logistics and vehicles based on your needs.

White charter bus taking employees to work

Is there a Swoop corporate shuttle service near me?

We currently service large metropolitan cities throughout the U.S. from New York to LA, Austin to San Francisco, and from Miami to Seattle, as well as globally. 

Great, how do I get started?

Contact us right away FREE, customized quote – our team will listen to your needs and challenges to build a flexible and dependable service to ensure your employees feel less stress, have more security and enjoy a productive working day.