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Why Choose Swoop for Transportation Services for Schools?

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We’re different from your average transportation provider, and working with us is more than just a quick transaction. Our dedicated team is ready to tailor our services exactly to your transportation needs.

A safe pair of hands

A safe pair of hands

Meticulously checked and insured vehicles, GPS visible journeys available to staff and guardians, plus vetted, trained, and experienced drivers

Regulations, check!

Regulations, check!

Meet your federal, state, and local regulations with wheelchair-accessible, checked and insured vehicles, regularly trained and checked staff, plus onboard safety features

It’s easy being green

It’s easy being green

One large carbon-neutral vehicle can shuttle multiple students, reducing emissions and the amount of traffic on the roads

Turbo wallet control

Turbo wallet control

Only pay for what you need with our tailored fees and flexible billing options

School policy proof

School policy proof

Stick to your school’s budget, sustainability policies, and staffing/ scheduling guidelines

Support your local businesses

Support your local businesses

Become an advocate for smaller businesses by riding with Swoop’s carefully vetted and checked pool of drivers

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Top of the Class Private School Transportation Services

Are you in charge of child transportation services to school, journeys home, and school trips? So you’re looking for a flexible, transparent, safe, and even carbon-neutral way of transporting your pupils from one place to another, right?

"We've been working with Swoop for the last year and I currently manage the program for Illumina. We have daily employee shuttles from Bart Station/Caltrains as well as intercampus shuttles from multiple buildings. I would recommend them to any company that is looking for a scalable ground transportation program. Their customer service is unmatched, they are extremely flexible when we have last-minute needs, and they only use quality and efficient vehicles for all our routes."

Tania S.

from Illumina, Inc.

Top of the Class Private School Transportation Services

School Transportation Service with Swoop

Arranging school transportation comes with a lot of challenges – “I need the kids to get to school on time with minimum input, I want something that gets them directly from door to door, and I would like a safe and trustworthy school bus service to do it!” Sound familiar?

Hey, it’s all going to be OK – and not just OK, but amazing! Now that you’ve found Swoop, you can grab a coffee and easily book the most tailored vehicle options for you and your little, or not-so-little ones to get to their classroom fresh and ready to learn!

private school transportation bus on the road

What Do You Get with Swoop?

Every major consideration is taken care of with Swoop’s private school services

  • Safety – with meticulously checked and insured vehicles, GPS traceable journeys that staff and guardians can access anytime, as well as vetted, trained, and experienced drivers
  • Regulations – all bases are covered – we have wheelchair accessibility, insurance, checkups on staff and vehicles, onboard safety features, and more. Everything we offer meets federal, state, and local regulations 
  • Sustainability – it’s simple: one large carbon-neutral vehicle can shuttle multiple students, reducing emissions and the amount of traffic on the roads
Private school students traveling on school bus

Our Private School Transportation Services Explained

OK, time for the details. With Swoop you have safe and reliable transportation – Swoop drivers are background checked and vetted, and we provide real-time GPS tracking and monitoring of vehicles as they travel

  • Safe and reliable transportation – Swoop drivers are background checked and vetted, and we provide real-time GPS tracking and monitoring of vehicles as they travel
  • Convenience – because we provide detailed driver and vehicle information, parents and schools can easily schedule and manage their private school bus transportation services
  • Transparent communication – enjoy a two-way communication feature that allows parents, schools, and drivers to communicate with one another in real-time for total transparency and peace of mind
  • Special needs accommodation – we offer specialized transportation for students with special needs, such as wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers
  • Cost-effectiveness – we always provide affordable and convenient transportation for extra peace of mind
  • Carpooling feature – parents can share rides with other families, which reduces both the number of cars on the road and traffic congestion
  • Transportation platform – one of our favorite features, the Swoop platform allows you to select seats, see real-time driver tracking, and monitor all rides happening live. 

In-depth reporting for your private school bus service including  

  • Attendance reports – see all rides taken by a student on a specific day or period of time, including pick-up and drop-off times, and driver information
  • Billing reports – access an overview of all charges for rides taken by a student including the cost of each ride and any discounts or credits applied
  • Driver performance reports – review the performance of the drivers, including on-time performance, safety, and customer service
  • Vehicle performance reports – view the performance of the vehicles, including maintenance and repair history, fuel consumption, and mileage
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking – parents and schools can communicate in real-time and see detailed ride information, including driver and vehicle information

Our School Transportation Services are Top of the Class!

No matter how long your journey, how big the vehicle is, or what special needs we need to cater to, here is what Swoop will always provide you with – and you don’t even need to give us an apple!‍

  • Our services will be flexible and tailored uniquely to your needs
  • Background-checked drivers, insured journeys, and an experienced team 
  • Save precious time and money with the perfect vehicles for you
  • Safety concerns will be taken care of, every time
  • Receive your own dedicated account manager
  • Real-time GPS tracking and monitoring for all vehicles 
  • Real-time communication channel for parents, schools, and drivers
  • Historical reports of journeys plus vehicle, driver, billing, and attendance reports 
  • Rest assured that every journey is carbon neutral

Options for School Transportation

  • Private school bus transportation services
  • Bus rental services
  • Door-to-door school bus services
  • Active Learning Classroom (ALC) transportation 
  • Special needs transportation 
  • After-school transportation services

School bus services

Bus services for schools need a reliable, transparent, and safe system comprising common sense teamwork, experienced drivers, and real-time technology for peace of mind. Check them all off your list – Swoop has it covered. 

Bus rental 

If your school requires a bus for a special day out or field trip, why not take advantage of our bus rental services? One of the school’s designated drivers can transfer the kids from A to B with little fuss, so they can have a lot of fun when they get there. 

Door-to-door school bus services 

Some of your students may need to be picked up from their homes rather than a collective bus stop or meeting point. That is completely fine, you can just let our team know any requirements like this and it will get built into your service. 

ALC transportation 

Shuttle services to Active Learning Classrooms or ALCs can take a little extra planning – and that’s no problem for us at Swoop. The more information you can give us about who your students are, where they are going, and what considerations they may have, the better! 

Special needs transportation

We can provide vehicles for groups of children who have special needs – perhaps a smaller vehicle is needed, or a vehicle with additional wheelchair or stroller access. Let us know what will work for your students and we will make it happen. 

After-school transportation services

Sometimes school can turn into ‘after-school’! If your kids are in a club, sports team, or a trip that ends after school is over, our school transport services can arrange to shuttle them home, with no problem at all.  

Carpooling feature 

Swoop provides a carpooling feature that allows parents to share rides with other families, reducing the number of cars on the road and decreasing traffic congestion.

Field trip at museum using a charter bus

Swoop x Nightingale School

By the way of example, we had the honor of working with the with the all-girls preparatory school, Nightingale School NYC. Nightingale School NYC (the school Gossip Girl was based on!) They reached out to us when they were looking for cost-effective, efficient transportation for their students – and we were so proud to be the only transportation platform to be able to provide them with optimal routing across five New York boroughs as well as launch the Nightingale tracking app.

With our ‘route-first’ technology, we were able to pull together all the best routes – and never ones to do things lightly, we also launched the Nightingale app so that students, parents, and faculty could track their routes. It doesn’t matter how complicated things seem, Swoop will always provide safe, reliable, and affordable transport!

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Whether you need a private bus service for school or a way to take your students on fun trips out, Swoop can deliver flexible and transparent services so you can stay in control of it all. 

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"Swoop is the top choice for group transportation. Known for their reliability, commitment to safety, affordability, and exceptional customer service, they are the go-to option for any group size and transportation requirement"rred choice for corporate commute solutions in 2024."

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