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Sit back and enjoy a new kind of ride with our transportation service for seniors. Travel to your medical appointments and social occasions in comfort!

Why Choose Swoop for Senior Transportation?

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Capabilities for all your needs

We’re different from your average transportation provider, and working with us is more than just a quick transaction. Our dedicated team is ready to tailor our services exactly to your transportation needs.

Practice the utmost safety

Practice the utmost safety

Our services provide transportation from the patient's door to the medical facility in carefully designed and checked vehicles

Time and money are both precious

Time and money are both precious

With only the vehicles you need every trip will be affordable, with easy payments and customer support

Speak to a caring human

Speak to a caring human

Each and every one of our team is caring, and empathetic, and will listen to all of your needs to build the best and most common sense elderly transportation services for you

Your needs are unique

Your needs are unique

Specialized vehicles that are wheelchair-accessible and spacious enough for vital equipment make our transportation service completely inclusive

Comfort should not be an afterthought

Comfort should not be an afterthought

Your transport provides amenities such as comfortable seating and climate control, so you are as comfortable as you can be

Support local business

Support local business

Be a fellow champion for smaller businesses by riding with our select vetted and checked pool of local drivers

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Senior Transportation Services with Swoop

Choose from hundreds of vehicles, dozens of styles, and seemingly endless choices when it comes to amenities.

"We've been working with Swoop for the last year and I currently manage the program for Illumina. We have daily employee shuttles from Bart Station/Caltrains as well as intercampus shuttles from multiple buildings. I would recommend them to any company that is looking for a scalable ground transportation program. Their customer service is unmatched, they are extremely flexible when we have last-minute needs, and they only use quality and efficient vehicles for all our routes."

Tania S.

from Illumina, Inc.

Senior Transportation Services with Swoop

Senior Transportation Service with Swoop

When the time comes to find alternative options to driving oneself around – whether that applies to you or a loved one – it can sometimes feel like there isn’t a clear answer out there. Do you ask friends and family for lifts, find a local carpool group, or rely on inefficient or costly public transport from now on?

Well, there is an easy answer—and within that, there are even several choices: Swoop has a whole host of senior transportation services, depending on what you or your loved ones need. 

Safe, reliable, and sustainable transportation is only a few moments away, with 

  • Easy Click-to-Call Bookings 
  • Instant requests 
  • 24/7 service on call for emergencies 
  • Fully-vetted professional drivers 

Swoop provides seamless access so you can continue to attend all medical care appointments and socialize like you always have.  Most importantly you can trust us and we will always make sure to be there for all your requests and questions.

Wheel chair accessible vehicle driving on street

The Advantages are Clear

It’s so easy now that you have found Swoop – with our flexible elderly transportation options, you can now schedule transportation to and from medical appointments, hospital visits, friends and family visits, or trips out. 

Everything you experience will adhere to our fundamental core beliefs 

  • Safety – for example, our door-to-door services provide transportation from the patient's residence to the medical facility and back.
  • Tailor-made service – specialized vehicles such as wheelchair-accessible services make our transportation services for elderly people completely inclusive.
  • Save time and money – with only the vehicles you need every trip will be affordable, with easy payments, and customer support.
  • Comfort and convenience – your transport should provide amenities such as comfortable seating and climate control, so you are as comfortable as you can be.
  • Dedicated account manager – each and every one of our team is caring, empathetic, and will listen to all of your needs to build the best and most common sense elderly transportation services for you.
  • Carbon neutral – every journey you take is carbon neutral because we don’t believe in adding to the world’s emissions.


Senior transportation for medical appointments

Non-emergency medical transportation requires maximum reliability, safety, comfort, and care. Not only will people experiencing pain or discomfort feel safe and secure, but our non-emergency transport service also helps to minimize the need for emergency journeys. 

Senior transportation assistance and patient transfer

No matter how far you need to travel, our compassionate and fully trained team will provide professional and safe non-emergency transportation services. 

Wheelchair transportation 

We have a whole fleet of wheelchair-accessible vehicles where a wheelchair can be secured in place for the duration of the journey – and you can enjoy the amenities available to all our customers such as WiFi and climate control. 

Disabled transportation 

All disabilities can be catered for – please let us know your or your loved one’s needs when you call or email us. 


Paratransit services provide door-to-door transportation for people with disabilities or mobility issues – talk to us about helping you to arrange this.

Elderly man accesses computer

Frequenly Asked Questions

How much does medical and hospital transport cost?

We will need to ask you a few questions before we can give you a quote, but rest assured, it will all be made clear for you in writing with no surprises. 

How many people can you provide medical transportation for?

While specialist transport means a small number of passengers, please talk to us if anyone else special would like to come on your journey with you, such as a family pet.

How do we book our trip?

Simply click the link at the bottom of our page to see our contact details or email You will always talk to a real person.

Do I need a coordinator for my journey? 

We always assign you a senior transportation manager, and they will only call you when they need to. 

Is Swoop carbon neutral?

Yes, all of our transport is carbon neutral. Here’s more information - Swoop Rides are now 100% Carbon Neutral

What cities is Swoop located in?

We provide senior transportation services services across many US cities like New York, Austin, Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Contact us for more information about your city.

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"As more companies request employees back to the office, Swoop's continued commitment to excellence in ground transportation has solidified its position as a preferred choice for corporate commute solutions in 2024."

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Working with you is more than just a quick transaction to us. Our dedicated and experienced team always makes sure that we tailor exactly to your specific needs.