Best Transportation Service for Coachella 2024

Looking to move around your group during Coachella? If you've been there before, Uber and Lyft are not the answer - it takes hours to get one, and the prices are unbelievable.‍ That's why you should book Swoops in advance.

6 Reasons Why Swoop is the Best Transportation Company for Coachella

1. Perfect for Bigger Groups and Brands

For any group with more than 4, Swoop is best way to travel during Coachella. Brands, teams, group of friends can travel together to and from any event, without having to break up the group and spend tons of money on small vehicles and short rides. You're coming to Coachella to make memories with your entire squad, and we're here to make that happen, accommodating groups of any size. Swoop has been doing the shuttling for brands like Revolve and Guess for many years!

Best Transportation Company for Coachella

2. You Can Drink and Party on the Vehicles

Coachella is all about letting loose - Swoop has your back to make sure the fun never stops. Avoid roadblocks in your party plans and start the day strong on your trip to the grounds, or keep the fun going after seeing your favorite headliner. No need for designated drivers or desperate searches for your car in the parking lot after-hours - with Swoop, every moment can be spent making more memories with your friends at one of the biggest festivals in the world.

Transportation Company for Coachella

3. Hundreds of Unique Options

Festivals are anything but boring, and so are our ride options. We offer the ideal vehicles at the ideal price for you and your friends on your big Coachella trip. You don't have to break the bank looking for overpriced, understaffed rides - Swoop can accommodate any of your ride needs and make sure you have nothing to worry about besides getting that photo with your favorite artist.

best transportation service coachella 2022

4. Coachella Transportation - Your Favorite Celebrities Love It

At an event known for its glamour and allure to people all around the world, getting a Swoop ride is the perfect way to get closer to your favorite famous Coachella attendees. After working with top musicians, athletes, actors, influencers, and more, Swoop is the go-to transportation for you and your iconic idols (check our instagram). Pull up in style to one of the most fashionable events of the year, and show off your ride - it could be the perfect icebreaker for when you run into your favorite celebrity at the campgrounds. Some VIPs that recently swooped are Kylie Jenner, Fisher, Victoria Justice, Kyrie Irving, Odell Beckham and more.

celebrity transportation coachella
coachella party bus company

5. Professional Drivers That Know the Area

With Swoop's experienced teams coordinating your ride behind the scenes, you can avoid the stress of beating early-day lines, or cramming through the crowds to find your way home after an awesome day out. Our drivers know the ins and outs of transportation at Coachella, and will make sure your experience is a priority with speed, safety, and most of all... fun!

shuttles for coachella

6. It's the Coolest Way to Get Around

Take advantage of all the advantages Swoop rides have to offer - between drinks, televisions, dance poles, karaoke, and more, you can party on the ride with your friends, and ride the way celebrities ride. Whatever your plans may be, Swoop will make you feel like a real VIP at your Coachella experience.

"I used Swoop transportation service for my brand partners during Coachella, and they felt like stars, riding around in such luxurious party buses."
- Ramin, founder of Keebos
celeb party bus transportation coachella festival

Choose Swoop for Coachella this year

Looking for buses, shuttles and black car for Coachella this year? 
We will be there to help you! Have fun with reliable, safe and affordable transportation at Coachella and book your Swoop here.

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