Do You Need a Swoop Onsite Coordinator?

It’s the same with big events when you hire Swoop to transport your group. Swoop is in the business of moving groups…efficiently. This is where our onsite coordinators come in.When you’re planning an important event like a corporate outing, company retreat or a wedding an onsite coordinator (or two) can make the difference between buttoned up or sorta f*%d up.Swoop will always find you the right-size vehicles with special amenities for your group.

They’ll create a minute-by-minute logistics plan that will knock your socks off. But sometimes things change — maybe a few in your group want to stay late or leave early. Planes are delayed. The weather flips. As they say, the best laid plans…often go awry.

Swoop’s concierge service is always on call (and included with all Swoop rides) but there’s often nothing better than your very own onsite coordinator.

An onsite coordinator will:

  • Be at your venue, in-person
  • Coordinate pick-up and drop-off buses, vans and passengers
  • Facilitate last-minute arrival or departure changes
  • Accommodate changes in the number of passengers
  • Answer questions from guests, dispatchers and venues
  • Make new arrangements for changes in passengers, pick-up or delivery locations
  • Facilitate on-board meal, snack or drink requests

What Swoop customers are saying about hiring an onsite coordinator…

A small investment with a big reward.”

“I recently worked with Swoop at a wedding venue with restricted access. We knew exactly how many shuttles/guests had arrived for the ceremony so we could start on time. But then…twice as many guests as expected stayed until the very end. Instead of having to utilize Ubers, our onsite coordinator (who was a rockstar!) worked very hard communicating with the fleet to get enough charter buses to make a second trip.” I didn’t need to stress because I knew Swoop had it covered. I highly recommend anyone working with more than one shuttle or location utilize the onsite Swoop coordinator. It’s a small investment with a big reward.”

— Britt K., Wedding Planner

Swoop’s onsite coordinators are an optional offering from Swoop. We would be happy to help you plan your next event and provide you with a quote for one or more onsite coordinators.

One less thing you have to worry about; one more thing to make your Swoop event special.

Swoop is an online platform offering group transportation, logistical solutions and onsite personnel to handle events. Events include transportation for corporate meetings, off-sites, conventions and conferences as well as weddings, parties, sporting and entertainment events.

Swoop is the exclusive group transportation partner for many venues and event planners. The headquarter is based in Los Angeles and Swoop currently provides its services nationwide and internationally.

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