A ground transportation program for your post pandemic workplace

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the corporate world is undergoing a profound transformation.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the corporate world is undergoing a profound transformation. Ninety percent of companies plan to have implemented return-to-office policies by the end of 2024 – meaning millions of employees all over the world are venturing back out to their workplace, either on a full-time basis or as a part-home-part-office agreement.


Some businesses are taking it upon themselves to help business travel recovery by providing their employees with transportation to get to work, as an incentive to come back to the office and in some cases, as an additional perk of the job.

But at the same time this resurgence of business travel, companies also face a new age of economic uncertainty. How do these two phenomena converge, and importantly, how can businesses help create a more stable local, national, and global economy and provide corporate travel solutions for their employees?

The answer lies in a reliable and cost-effective ground transportation program to support the local economy and increase productivity. 

It’s off to Work We Go 

A corporate shuttle service provides a valuable solution for businesses aiming to provide added perks to their employees and streamline commutes. Whether employees are full-time or follow a hybrid model, a corporate shuttle service like Swoop’s offers comfortable, reliable, and 100% carbon-neutral transport that is easy to book and track.

A comfortable and efficient transportation service using screened, local drivers not only gets the team to work but allows them to avoid the stresses of commuting under their own steam, leaving them feeling fresh and productive – everything required for a successful business. 

Not only that, Swoop's employee shuttle service goes beyond mere transportation, offering data-driven insights to help businesses choose the best service for their needs. This data optimizes coverage and ridership and addresses costly parking issues on-site. By reducing the number of cars on the ground and limiting infrastructure requirements, Swoop's corporate shuttles contribute to a more sustainable and efficient work environment.

Tailored Programs for Unique Businesses

Swoop provides a range of corporate shuttle programs to suit diverse business needs

1. Home to Work: simplify commutes by picking up riders near their homes or doorsteps

2. Last Mile: connect offices to nearby transit hubs, facilitating seamless transfers for employees

3. Intra-Campus: efficiently connect various buildings and parking lots on campuses with regular shuttles

4. Park & Ride: flexibly arrange pick-ups at predefined parking locations, offering the most versatile option for employees

Cost and Setup

The cost of a corporate shuttle program with Swoop depends on variables such as travel distance, duration, and the number of vehicles required. Whatever a business needs, a Swoop travel coordinator will provide a personalized, free quote from the very first conversation. 

Swoop ensures a swift setup, providing consulting expertise, software solutions, and tailored launch plans for seamless implementation, so businesses can set off on the road to business travel recovery knowing that everything works perfectly. 

{Inside an upmarket bus looking towards the driver, showing the back of headrests and passengers’ heads and shoulders}

We currently find ourselves in a significant period of recovery for corporate travel, and cost-efficiency is at the forefront of this resurgence. In a landscape dominated by inflation and recession fears, businesses must manage travel expenses carefully. A strategic focus on the booking process and travel policy compliance is essential to control costs.

To achieve long-term success, business leaders must have access to a sweeping overview of all aspects of their ground transportation program. This allows for better control, choice, and convenience, especially in the face of rising gas prices and fuel surcharges. 

An intuitive platform is the only way to streamline ground transportation, support the best local drivers, and handle all aspects from managing costs to employee uptake and easy payment options. 

Flexibility in the New Working World

The post-pandemic era has witnessed a significant shift in the way people work, with the lines blurring between in-person and hybrid work models. While this may seem confusing initially, it actually presents business owners with an opportunity for businesses to create travel programs and policies that align with the evolving working landscape. 

Centralizing a company-wide ground transportation program into a single platform enhances visibility, corporate travel spend management, and policy compliance.

Business travelers are increasingly seeking flexibility and freedom during the booking process. The term "bleisure" (combined business and leisure travel) gains relevance as employees expect corporate mobility programs to adapt to changing plans and include fun in their longer trips. COVID-19 has underscored the importance of adaptability, making it crucial for corporations to provide the functionality to compare, contrast, and choose ride providers within the business budget.

Eliminating Out-of-Policy Rides

Despite having well-defined corporate travel procedures, many corporations struggle to ensure employee transportation aligns with their company policies. 

With a great group transportation service like Swoop, businesses have the flexibility to update and amend travel policies based on specific business functions, team members, and office locations and can always avoid unnecessary journeys.

This not only empowers employees to book their rides while remaining policy-compliant but also simplifies the booking experience, replacing the time-consuming approval process with a seamless workflow. As personal and professional travel intertwine, the time is ripe for companies to review, revisit, and rewrite the rule book. 

Sustainability that Really Means Something

Sustainability, a pre-pandemic priority, remains a critical consideration for businesses in the post pandemic world. The shift is evident as businesses move from planning to action, aiming for actionable, measurable, and financially responsible change. 

And it’s not just in the business’ PR interests to implement real sustainability; according to a European business travel survey, one in five 16 to 24-year-olds said they would consider quitting if their employer did not implement a sustainable business travel policy. 

However, economic pressures post-pandemic necessitate a clearer understanding of the environmental impact and the true cost of all ground transportation. Achieving this clarity requires a holistic, enterprise solution that goes beyond traditional analytics and booking history.

A Complex Problem with a Simple Solution 

The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new era for corporate travel and pressure on business travel recovery as a whole; this presents both challenges and opportunities. As businesses and employees embrace the return to the office while at the same time being faced with economic uncertainty, the corporate ground transportation industry stands at a crucial fork in the road. 

By combining cost-efficiency, flexibility, policy compliance, and sustainability, businesses can navigate the challenges of the new working world effectively. But how to do this?

Swoop's corporate shuttle service is a key tool, ensuring a stress-free and productive working day for employees while contributing to a more sustainable and efficient corporate travel landscape. 

To embark on the journey towards enhanced employee transportation, businesses can connect with Swoop to receive a personalized, flexible, and dependable service using established, local drivers that aligns with the evolving needs of their workforce.


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