Why Companies Choose to Partner With Swoop for Corporate Shuttling

Why Swoop is the Best Corporate Shuttle Service

Swoop loves to celebrate brands and companies nationwide, and what better way to do that than through partnerships! We provide reliable, efficient and personalized transportation to people everywhere, ensuring a seamless ride experience. Why do people and companies love to partner with Swoop? Read on to see why brands such as Nike, Sephora, Guess, and many more have partnered with us and continue to come back for more!


We loved working with all the amazing people at Nike and meeting incredible sports players from around the world. We had the pleasure of working exclusively with the National German Soccer team to provide for all their transportation needs. Driving players Leroy Sané, Toni Ruediger, Emre Can, and Thilo Kehrer around Los Angeles in our executive shuttles was an unforgettable experience for our driver, Tim, and we can't wait to partner with Nike again!

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Showcasing their eco-friendly brand, Aveeno collaborated with Swoop to celebrate Earth Day. In doing so, we wrapped our shuttles in beautiful, customized Aveeno designs and logos while attending an amazing event In Santa Monica centered around environment sustainability. We loved partnering with Aveeno and look forward to future collaborations!

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The team at Sephora was so kind and welcoming - we had a great time riding with them! Over the span of 4 days, brand ambassadors, influencers, and celebrities flew in from around the world. We then shuttled them in our exclusive, Sephora-branded vehicles from Downtown LA to Malibu. Can't wait for our next Swoop x Sephora event!

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Coachella persists as one of our most popular events, as people and brands are always looking for transportation to and from the festival.

  • Over the years, we have done many successful events with Guess, and they have all been incredible! We love the team and hope to do more events with them soon.
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  • Working with Revolve was so fun! We were able to shuttle them from West Hollywood to Palm Springs and get to know the wonderful team on the way.
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  • Shuttling for NYX was such a fun and exciting experience! Swoop partnered with NYX during Coachella and shuttled their team to and from exclusive popup events. We also provided transportation for a corporate halloween party put on by the NYX team. We're already excited for the next partnership event and can't wait!
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Another great opportunity for us here at Swoop was partnering with Amazon. We were able to support them with deliveries and shuttle their front line workers while complying with all the required health and safety guidelines. So thankful for this collab!

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Lyft and Uber

Last but not least, we partnered with Lyft and Uber to provide corporate shuttling for several of their offsite events. Both teams were so accommodating and friendly, and we hope to connect with them again in the near future.

Swoop continues to grow as the #1 Transportation service across the country, and part of this journey is joining forces with amazing and recognized brands. In addition to corporate shuttles, we also offer transportation for weddings. We love everyone we work with and are pumped to partner with more people and places as we move forward. Our team is greatly thankful for the incredible brands who reach out wanting to collaborate with us and can't wait to see what else is in store. Join us and let's keep Swoopin'!